Arrive, feel free and experience
the power of nature.

Quiet moments
& time for two.


We offer space to find yourself, to spend romantic time with your partner, to distance yourself from the stress of everyday life. Feel the relaxation in our adults-only Hotel Rehbach – alone or together. Take a break from the hustle of your working days and dedicate yourself to the most important things – your own well-being, togetherness and experiences.

Here you have time. To indulge in nature and relaxation. To feel yourself and think of your body’s needs. But also, to experience more consciously. To take in every moment and feel the energy, nature provides.

The hotel for adults
in Schattwald

Being a parent is truly wonderful and fulfilling, but sometimes a little time-out does really good. To find a way back to your individuality, to indulge in togetherness with your partner, to boost your energy level for the upcoming adventures.

  • adults only (14 years+) for those seeking tranquillity
  • comfortable retreat for solo travellers
  • romantic hideaway for couples
  • holidays with friends