Arrive, feel free and experience
the power of nature.

Liberating. Weightless.
Experience the pool.


A refreshing place in summer, a warming bath outside on cold winter days. For some it is a place for challenging trainings, for others a place to rest and calm down. For everyone it is a place for moments of indulgence. Because from here you enjoy the fascinating blue of the sky, the view of the luring mountain peaks of the Alps and picturesque natural scenery. Snowflakes are melting tenderly on the surface and the sunlight is reflected, creating colourful effects.

18 metres length provide enough space for those guests using our pool as training ground, as well as those, relaxing here after a walking tour or a ski day. The pool invites, comfortably heated to 28 ° C, on sunny days as well as during a snow flurry or in magical autumn weather, to enjoy the relaxing effect of the water.

Tranquillity and peace
at Rehbach Nature Resort

The time-out from disturbing noise, including traffic, is part of the relax program at the Nature Resort. No noise spoils the gentle sounds of nature. So, you can listen to the chirping of the crickets. Enjoy the singing of the birds, and the sound of the wind blowing in the trees.

  • no traffic noise
  • no streets passing the Hotel
  • humming bees
  • wind whispering through the trees
  • revitalising tranquillity
Aktuelles im Rehbach

Liebe Gäste! 

Unser Naturresort macht zwischen 19.11. - 20.12.2023 Betriebsferien - gerne können Sie schon heute Ihre Winterauszeit buchen.

Ihre Familie Barbist & Rehbach Team 💚