Arrive, feel free and experience
the power of nature.

A house with
history and future.


In the year 2012 the Barbist family took over the Rehbach. And transformed it from a country house into a quiet place to relax, also offering a variety of activities. Martin and his wife Margit have gained a lot of experience in gastronomy and tourism over the years and perfectly implement them now, in the new Nature Resort. With their personal style and great commitment, the wood-panelled ‚Stuben‘ were renovated, new rooms were built and the spa area was extended.

The foundations for Hotel Rehbach were probably already laid in the middle of the 16th century. Back then, an accommodation for people travelling through the Tannheimer Tal was constructed. From there, a meeting place evolved, promising accommodation and sociability. In the 19th century South Tyrolean wines found their way to the ‚Rehbach Weinstube‘, luring the connoisseurs to the glasses. It was and still is a place of indulgence.

From a hut to
the Nature Resort

A lot of steps had to be taken to transform the ‚Rehbach Weinstube‘ into a Tranquillity and Nature Resort. And the last steps most probably have not been taken yet. Because we always want to further improve our Hotel Rehbach and surprise and enthuse our guests with innovations.

• 2012: the Barbist family takes over
• 2014: the Tranquillity and Nature Resort is founded
• 2016: the spa area is expanded
• 2018: new panorama rooms are built
• 2020: new: rooms, hotel bar, ‚Stuben‘, sun terrace, …
• 2021: new: panorama sauna, pound and garden area
• 2023: new: larger garden area