Arrive, feel free and experience
the power of nature.

Unwind, savour the moment,
feel the peace.


Spa moments at Hotel Rehbach, Allgäu (Tyrol).

Close your eyes. Feel the touch – from soft to strong. Inhale the pleasant fragrances. And enjoy the moment. When time seems to stand still and body and soul come to rest.

revitalising massages
Book your personal massage time

In addition to our classic massage offers, you can also book time for an individual massage. Our masseur Andreas will arrange the massage techniques according to your personal wishes and needs.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Scented oil

To add an individual highlight to your massage you can also choose to use your personal favourite of our scented oils for the treatment.


Stone Pine oil  | price + € 4,- 
Peach & macadamia oil | price + € 4,- 

Thai acupressure

You can also book Thai acupressure in addition to your massage.
Our masseur treats you according to your individual wishes and needs.

Deep Relaxation Massage

Especially after energy-consuming activities or simply hectic times, this massage helps you to regain energy from your own body and get rid of emotional distress.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Spinal Relaxation – according to Dorn Breuss

According to the Dorn Method a very gentle and relaxing spinal massage is applied, to stretch, nourish and align the spine.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Fascia Treatment

The fascia treatment loosens knots in the connective tissue and helps you, to feel good in your body again. At the beginning the treatment may be a little painful, but you will feel truly liberated afterwards.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Energizing Back and Leg Massage

This massage relieves tensions in the back according to the classic, Swedish technique and revitalizes your legs. The stresses of everyday life fade away and pure relaxation takes over.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 35,-
Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 35,-

Pleasant Neck and Back Massage

These body parts are strained a lot in our working lives. This is the perfect moment to relax your muscles and relieve tightness with this wonderful classic Swedish massage.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 35,-
Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Relaxing Full-body Massage

You will feel totally relaxed and revitalized after a full-body massage. Your muscles will be loosened from head to toe according to classic Swedish massage methods.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Beneficent Reflexology Massage

A sense of well-being floods your whole body during this massage of your feet. Your body’s healing powers are activated and blood circulation is improved.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 35,-
Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Lymphatic Drainage

This massage treatment increases the flow of lymph and reduces toxins in your body by the use of light pressure and long, gentle strokes.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 35,-
Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 65,-

Hot Stone Massage

Warm, smooth stones create a sense of well-being. Enjoy the relaxing effects of the use of stone and massage techniques during this full-body massage.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 70,-

Relaxing Abdominal Massage

An abdominal massage stimulates digestions, relaxes and detoxicates (by supporting the work of your liver) and often alleviates pain in the loins. Feel how your body relaxes. Even sleeping problems can be solved.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 35,-

Do yourself something good.
Health & Vital force

Tiefenentspannung zu Ihrer Quelle der Selbstheilungskräfte und Energie. Hier nimmt unsere Energetikerin Carmen Sie mit auf die Reise zu „Ihrer inneren Quelle“ an den Ort in Ihnen an dem Sie auftanken können und neue Kraft finden um sofort spürbar wieder gestärkt ihr Leben zu leben. Spezieller Ablauf von sanften Berührungen auf der Haut mit Aromaöl auf der Körpervorder- oder/und Rückseite.


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 74,-

Duration: approx. 80 min | price € 118,- 

Energetic treatment

Hier geht unsere Energetikerin Carmen speziell auf ihre Probleme, ob im physischen oder psychischen Bereich, mit verschiedenen energetischen Techniken ein. Blockaden werden gelöst, dadurch kann Heilung geschehen.


Duration: approx. 25 min | price € 45,-

Duration: approx. 40 min | price € 72,-

Gentle back treatment

Durch sanftes, energetisch intensives berühren wird der ganze Rücken entspannt. Spüren Sie wie sich die Muskulatur auf wundersame Weise entspannt und die Energie SPÜRBAR im ganzen Körper ins Fließen kommt, dadurch kann Heilung geschehen. 


Duration: approx. 50 min | price € 74,-

Gentle spine treatment

Durch sanftes, energetisch intensives berühren wird speziell die Wirbelsäule entspannt, gedehnt und gestreckt.


Duration: approx. 35 min | price€ 52,-  

Do yourself something good.
Wir sind für Sie da!

Liebe Gäste & Freunde der Natur! Ein durchdachtes Hygienekonzept & Achtsamkeitsregeln ermöglich einen sicheren Urlaub bei uns im Rehbach!